Meditation Guide


Meditation Is A Natural Activity

Many people still think of meditation as something strange: you know . . shaving your hair off, wearing robes and living in a cave. The truth is that meditation is a natural activity for our everyday life. Do you want to live a life that is fully alive, with less stress and more joy? Then meditation is for you.

Meditation Can Help You

Many people start meditation because they want to reduce the stress in their lives. Modern life is stressful to an incredible extent. A sociologist on the radio said that with the use of satellites, television and computers, you and I receive more information in 1 day than our ancestors of several generations ago used to receive in 1,000 days. That means our brains have to process as much input in 24 hours as our brains used to process in 24,000 hours. This results in an overload – 75% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related disorders.

A list of some of some of the mental and emotional signs of stress include:

  • An agitated mind
  • Depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Feelings of Inadequacy
  • Apathy
  • Increased Irritability

Some of the stress related diseases include:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Arthritis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Impotence
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Chronic Low Back Pain

The Definition Of Stress

What is stress? Webster’s Dictionary says that stress is “any mental or physical tension or strain.” The real problem is that our physical response to stress was developed over hundreds of thousands of years and remains the same as in the cave people days. If you were a caveman walking down a path and a tiger ran in front of you, your body immediately readied itself to either fight of flee with the following reactions:

  • The heartbeat increased to pump blood throughout the body with greater speed
  • Blood pressure went up
  • Breathing became rapid and shallow
  • Adrenaline and other hormones were released into the blood
  • The liver released sugar into the system to meet the increased energy needs
  • The eyes dilated to let in more light
  • Muscles tensed for movement
  • The digestive system shut down to allow the blood flow to increase to the major muscle groups
  • The hands and feet became cold from lack of blood circulation
  • The body perspired to cool itself

Now all of this was a wonderful adaptation for the caveman; he could fight or run away and “use up” all the physical changes that had occurred. But what about us? Every time someone swerves in front of our car; every time our boss or co-worker yells at us, perhaps every time the phone rings, our bodies go into the stress reaction mode and we can’t fight our run. Instead, many of us stay in a perpetual state of stress.

Meditation Can Help You Manage Stress

There have been many scientific studies on meditation and stress that have proven that meditation “works” in reducing stress. In fact, researchers indicate that Meditation produces a reaction that is the exact opposite of stress: there is an intensification of alpha waves, decreased perspiration, decreased heart rate, increased peripheral blood flow, decreased respiration rate and volume, and decreased blood lactate levels.

There are many other benefits of meditation besides stress reduction. Meditation enables you to:

  • Focus
  • Make conscious choices in your life rather than reacting on automatic pilot; on old habit patterns
  • Open to your intuition or inner knowing
  • Solve life problems
  • Live joyfully in the present moment.

    Here’s a joke I heard recently. A co-pilot of a large airline approached the pilot and told him “I just saw the red warning lift under Landing-Gear Malfunction flashing on and off” “So what did you do”, quickly asked the pilot. “I unscrewed the light bulb” answered the co-pilot. Doesn’t sound funny or realistic? Actually, it’s the way many of us are living our lives. How often do we address the symptoms and not the a problem? Meditation goes to the root of the problem.

Meditation will work for everyone. The only question is – are your ready for it? Do you want to change? Are you willing to put in the effort required? You can’t just read books or come to classes, take notes and “get it.” What you learn are methods that you must apply to your daily life.

Understanding road rage, why drivers are annoyed by other drivers


Driver aggression or road rage is a major factor that can be blamed for about half of vehicle crashes we have today. This is according to a research conducted by the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. The proponents of the study looks into why drivers are irritated and solutions how driver aggression can be avoided.

The study found out that among the most common causes of annoyance of drivers are other drivers cutting in, speeding ahead, hostile displays, and weaving. From the data collected from thousands of respondents of the survey, 54% hated weaving and cutting; 29% rage over speeding; while 25% are overly annoyed by hostile displays.

The study also looked into how the offended driver will respond by teaching the other party a lesson, giving him a dose of his own medicine, or any other kind of response.

The survey revealed that one reckless action of one person behind the wheels can simulate a hostile reaction or trigger an unwanted incident between some drivers. The study wants to find out how the offended driver sees the act of the other driver. Will he see it as an aggression or will he try to rationalize and see it as someone in a real hurry.

The experts remind everyone on the road to try hard to be calm and not respond in an aggressive manner which may worsen the situation. Try to stay clam, take deep breaths, and do anything that can tone down your anger.

The behavior experts say that drivers may need to be educated about the effects of their responses to the aggression of other drivers during their driving lessons.

Surprising fixes for your stress

depressionYou know what a stressful day is. You know that when you are stressed out, your pulse beats like you are running a sprint, your chest is heavy, and you have this terrible headache as if you are about to explode. Prolonged stress and poor reaction to stress may lead to other health problems. Some known medical problems related to stress include cancer, heart disease, gastrointestinal problem, and eczema.

Experts recommend people that are often stressed out to exercise regularly, eat right, and get enough rest. It is also best to plan ahead, change your attitude towards things, and resolve problems that may cause the anxiety.

Here are five more stress fixes that you may find quite surprising:

Kiss spontaneously

A recent study revealed that couples who kiss only when they make love are more prone to depression and stress compared to those who kiss spontaneously. Kissing helps people connect with others, releasing endorphins,which are chemicals that help counter depression and stress.


During an experiment, couples were asked to hug and hold hands while another group was asked to do nothing before talking about past events that made them anxious or angry. The group that cuddled before talking about the past events were not as affected compared to the other group who did not hug or held hands. The second group showed signs of increased blood pressure and heart rate. The cuddling stimulated nerves in the body that have an overall calming effect.

Lashing out less

Conflicts and arguments are normal occurrences with couples. A study showed that women lash out more often than men during an argument. The party who responds with some form of verbal hostility demonstrated increased levels of stress hormones. It is best to calm down first before talking about the issue at hand.

Disconnect from your gadgets

While gadgets have helped us to stay connected with friends and be more accessible to our colleagues, it has also stressed out a lot of us. Work-related worries should be left at the office. You should clearly define a boundary when you will be working and when you will be relaxing.

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make in Las Vegas


Who does not enjoy a trip to the Sin City, but anything that is in excess can be bad for you. Las Vegas is all about this, from night life, gambling, and anything you want you can get any time of the day. It is really up to you to take control of the situation or else you might just have some health problems to worry about. Here are some of the worst mistakes you can make in Vegas:

Skipping Sleep

Vegas offers everything without to worry about clocks and last calls but too much partying may lead to sleepless nights. Deprive yourself of the much needed rest and you will put yourself at risk of hypertension. It will also make your more prone to bad food decisions which will mean higher caloric intake that may lead to diabetes or worsen obesity.


A lot of people who do not smoke tend to do so when in Vegas. And for the smokers, they tend to smoke more than their usual puff. For those who are in control of their craving for some cigs, you might not be able to avoid second hand smoking in most establishments where smoking Is allowed inside. Of course smoking puts you at risk for lung cancer, bronchitis, and emphysema.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling for some fun is okay but it may be a problem if you do not know how to call it a night when you are on the poker table, slot machines, or other games. Start an addiction in Vegas and in the long run you might experience anxiety, depression, and put a big hole in your bank account.

Drink until you drop

Name what you want to drink and most likely you can get it in Vegas. No one will stop you if you want to drink until you cannot feel anything. Aside from the liver problems it might bring, there is a long list of health problems related to excessive drinking.

Experts say love is beneficial to your health


Is getting married better for your health? According to recent studies, married people get lower incidences of heart problems, lower rates of depression, lower potentials for diabetes, better sex life, easier access to healthcare, and so yes, married life is good for your health. Generally love makes life a lot better in terms of health among other aspect.

Life Span

Marriage gives one an average longer life span compared to not getting married. Longevity though favors men more, while the disparity in terms of rates of death among women are more modest. According to experts, you can attribute this to married people avoiding fatal accidents, surviving calamities, and violence better.


Men tend to be more stressed than women but studies show that marriage or romantic relationships help men respond better to stress compared to when they are single. Studies show that men have lower levels of cortisol handling stressful situations when they are romantically involved compared to single men.


Although a lot of people will say that their partner makes them crazy, partners actually tend to benefit the mental health. Women in particular showed lower occurrence of mental problems compared to their single counterparts.


Research also shows that married people can help prolong life because it lowers the risk of any serious disease like heart illness, diabetes, lung problems, Alzheimer’s, and other long-term health problems. The advantage seems to be equal for both women and men except for the occurrence of heart disease which favors men who has a lesser chance of having a fatal heart disease.


Men benefit a lot more hear as single men tend to lead more unhealthy lifestyles compared to married men. Singles are more likely to smoke, drink a lot, and have more vices.

Stress herbal supplements: Do they really help?


A lot of natural substances and herbs are being marketed today as effective remedies for your stress but a recent study say that these products are most likely not the things that can help you with your tensions.

There is only little evidence that these natural and herbal products work well long-term and there are also claims that it does not necessarily mean they are totally safe because they are herbal. Here is a closer look to some of the most common herbal supplements people use to relieve stress:

Lemon Balm

According to small studies, the lemon balm can help improve one’s mood and also promote calmness. One research was able to establish that about 1,600 mg is enough to help someone calm down for more than six hours. Lemon balm is also considered as relatively safe.


The kava herbal supplement is formulated from the kava plant roots found in the South Pacific. There are studies which proved that kava supplements do not lower anxiety significantly. It has also been said that kava might be to blame in liver failure cases. Kava is not a recommended supplement by experts.


Passionflower has been used in stress relieving studies and was proven to be effective in lowering anxiety levels in mice. Study in humans is still limited to one research. The study done in 2001 established that about 45 drops everyday of liquid passionflower has the same effects as the stress drug oxazepam. More studies are recommended before it can be tagged as effective and safe for humans.

Valerian root

The valerian root has been used for sleeping and anxiety disorders. Combining St. John’s wort with valerian root was proven to be as effective as the drug diazepam which lowers anxiety when used for about two weeks. Other studies though did not show the efficacy of valerian root so further research is needed. Plus, some studies found out that valerian root is related to blurring the user’s vision and also alters the normal rhythm of the heart.

Health tips: Simple ways to manage your stress

managing-stressEveryone deals with some form of stress in one way or another at home, school, or work. Here are some practical tips which can help you handle stress:

Eliminate your sources of stress

As much as you can, get rid of your sources of stress. It can be as simple as dealing with long lines in the supermarket during weekends, you might want to schedule your trip on another day when the lines will not be stressful for you. Clear all the clutter at home or in the office which may get in your way.

When you are running late, stop and think

You might be running late and all the stress might ruin the rest of the things that you need to do. It might be best to pause for a few minutes and list down how you will prioritize stuff. Be realistic and do not try to do too much.

Avoid stressful activities

If looking for a gift or playing a certain sport stresses you out, then do not go. Decline if you are invited to predictably stressful scenarios for you. The point of shopping or recreation is after all to relax and if at the start you will already be stressed, then there is no point of going.

Focus on one task at a time

Some say that multitasking helps them do more at work but studies have found otherwise and you might end up doing less at the end of the day. You might want to focus one task at a time and avoid the stress of the workload at hand.

Yoga Benefits To Keep You Stress-Free!

yoga1-450x321Yoga is something that everyone in the world can do … and something that is fantastic for whenever you are stressed out … or thinking too much about something.  Do you ever notice that whenever you are thinking about something or worried about something, you are super stressed?

Well, yoga is a fantastic way to clear your head and truly make sure that you are completely and totally stress-free.  Yoga has been practiced all over the world and I have to say that the stretching of the muscles combine with the breathing techniques is a great way to ensure that your mind stays clear.

You want to be stress-free?  Try yoga.  If you don’t like it, you can stop but at least try it!

Using Bach Flower Remedies For Pets Common Problems!

imagesWhen it comes to your pet, it can be difficult for you to find remedies that are all natural and remedies that truly do make your pet a better pet.  Well, Bach flower remedies are fantastic to deal with negative thoughts and feelings in pets.

When your pet is not feeling well mentally, it can be stressful for you, especially if you are linked to your pet.  Personally, my pets are my children and they are definitely linked to me, so when one of them is sick or depressed, I know it.  That is what Bach flower remedies can do to assist your pet.

Basically, having them drink water with flower essence is a fantastic way to calm your pet down and make sure that they do not freak out or are scared.

The Benefits Of Dark Chocolate!

dark-chocolate-extr_797074fWhen it comes to your health, a lot of it has to do with what you eat and what you drink.  If you happen to eat a lot of fatty foods, most likely you are going to not feel at your greatest all of the time.  Did you know that you can still eat chocolate and it not become fattening?

Dark chocolate is one of those chocolates that has a ton of different benefits and to be quite frank, is actually extremely good for you.  Now, you can not overdo it of course, but if you have a little bit every day, you will see a difference.

Dark chocolate has a lot of antioxidants in there and to be honest, it is packed full of things that are healthy for you can will make you glow!