Experts say love is beneficial to your health


Is getting married better for your health? According to recent studies, married people get lower incidences of heart problems, lower rates of depression, lower potentials for diabetes, better sex life, easier access to healthcare, and so yes, married life is good for your health. Generally love makes life a lot better in terms of health among other aspect.

Life Span

Marriage gives one an average longer life span compared to not getting married. Longevity though favors men more, while the disparity in terms of rates of death among women are more modest. According to experts, you can attribute this to married people avoiding fatal accidents, surviving calamities, and violence better.


Men tend to be more stressed than women but studies show that marriage or romantic relationships help men respond better to stress compared to when they are single. Studies show that men have lower levels of cortisol handling stressful situations when they are romantically involved compared to single men.


Although a lot of people will say that their partner makes them crazy, partners actually tend to benefit the mental health. Women in particular showed lower occurrence of mental problems compared to their single counterparts.


Research also shows that married people can help prolong life because it lowers the risk of any serious disease like heart illness, diabetes, lung problems, Alzheimer’s, and other long-term health problems. The advantage seems to be equal for both women and men except for the occurrence of heart disease which favors men who has a lesser chance of having a fatal heart disease.


Men benefit a lot more hear as single men tend to lead more unhealthy lifestyles compared to married men. Singles are more likely to smoke, drink a lot, and have more vices.