Surprising fixes for your stress

depressionYou know what a stressful day is. You know that when you are stressed out, your pulse beats like you are running a sprint, your chest is heavy, and you have this terrible headache as if you are about to explode. Prolonged stress and poor reaction to stress may lead to other health problems. Some known medical problems related to stress include cancer, heart disease, gastrointestinal problem, and eczema.

Experts recommend people that are often stressed out to exercise regularly, eat right, and get enough rest. It is also best to plan ahead, change your attitude towards things, and resolve problems that may cause the anxiety.

Here are five more stress fixes that you may find quite surprising:

Kiss spontaneously

A recent study revealed that couples who kiss only when they make love are more prone to depression and stress compared to those who kiss spontaneously. Kissing helps people connect with others, releasing endorphins,which are chemicals that help counter depression and stress.


During an experiment, couples were asked to hug and hold hands while another group was asked to do nothing before talking about past events that made them anxious or angry. The group that cuddled before talking about the past events were not as affected compared to the other group who did not hug or held hands. The second group showed signs of increased blood pressure and heart rate. The cuddling stimulated nerves in the body that have an overall calming effect.

Lashing out less

Conflicts and arguments are normal occurrences with couples. A study showed that women lash out more often than men during an argument. The party who responds with some form of verbal hostility demonstrated increased levels of stress hormones. It is best to calm down first before talking about the issue at hand.

Disconnect from your gadgets

While gadgets have helped us to stay connected with friends and be more accessible to our colleagues, it has also stressed out a lot of us. Work-related worries should be left at the office. You should clearly define a boundary when you will be working and when you will be relaxing.