Understanding road rage, why drivers are annoyed by other drivers


Driver aggression or road rage is a major factor that can be blamed for about half of vehicle crashes we have today. This is according to a research conducted by the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. The proponents of the study looks into why drivers are irritated and solutions how driver aggression can be avoided.

The study found out that among the most common causes of annoyance of drivers are other drivers cutting in, speeding ahead, hostile displays, and weaving. From the data collected from thousands of respondents of the survey, 54% hated weaving and cutting; 29% rage over speeding; while 25% are overly annoyed by hostile displays.

The study also looked into how the offended driver will respond by teaching the other party a lesson, giving him a dose of his own medicine, or any other kind of response.

The survey revealed that one reckless action of one person behind the wheels can simulate a hostile reaction or trigger an unwanted incident between some drivers. The study wants to find out how the offended driver sees the act of the other driver. Will he see it as an aggression or will he try to rationalize and see it as someone in a real hurry.

The experts remind everyone on the road to try hard to be calm and not respond in an aggressive manner which may worsen the situation. Try to stay clam, take deep breaths, and do anything that can tone down your anger.

The behavior experts say that drivers may need to be educated about the effects of their responses to the aggression of other drivers during their driving lessons.