Controlling Panic: Some Tips

Help ButtonWhen things are really overwhelming a lot of people give into the pressure. Commonly, anxiety rockets and we end up doing nothing at all. Things are viewed as insurmountable and the only option is to run away.

If this is a common picture to you, there are several practices that can help you overcome panic:

Put Problems in a Box

Experts say you can compartmentalize and prioritize. Make a list and bring the problem out one by one from the box. This way you will not be overwhelmed, be able to cope, and solve the problem.

Mind Power

Another way to control panic attacks or anxiety is by doing mind-body techniques. You can engage in breathing exercises, body relaxation, aerobic exercises, and meditation.

Seek Professional Consult

If the panic attacks are very frequent and for no reason at all, then it may be best to seek professional help. Most effective anxiety or panic treatments will be cognitive behavioral therapy or by taking some prescribed medications.