Health tips: Simple ways to manage your stress

managing-stressEveryone deals with some form of stress in one way or another at home, school, or work. Here are some practical tips which can help you handle stress:

Eliminate your sources of stress

As much as you can, get rid of your sources of stress. It can be as simple as dealing with long lines in the supermarket during weekends, you might want to schedule your trip on another day when the lines will not be stressful for you. Clear all the clutter at home or in the office which may get in your way.

When you are running late, stop and think

You might be running late and all the stress might ruin the rest of the things that you need to do. It might be best to pause for a few minutes and list down how you will prioritize stuff. Be realistic and do not try to do too much.

Avoid stressful activities

If looking for a gift or playing a certain sport stresses you out, then do not go. Decline if you are invited to predictably stressful scenarios for you. The point of shopping or recreation is after all to relax and if at the start you will already be stressed, then there is no point of going.

Focus on one task at a time

Some say that multitasking helps them do more at work but studies have found otherwise and you might end up doing less at the end of the day. You might want to focus one task at a time and avoid the stress of the workload at hand.