Relieving Anxiety by Using Melatonin

melatoninAnxiety can eat at you like a parasite. I am sure we can all agree that it can gnaw away at your peace of mind like termites nibbling on a piece of wood. How can you get rid of it?

There is extensive evidence that melatonin may be able to help with that. Anxiety occurs when your body is put on the defense; it feels like you are currently in a situation which is either frightening or dangerous — and regardless of what you are going through, it may feel that way to you.

Our bodies produce melatonin naturally, but it can be taken as well. There are positives and negatives to this, of course, it depends on how precisely your anxiety manifests itself.

Wave Therapy Influences Feminine Hormones!

btl-5000swt_p-terapeutpatientunit_290x290If you are like many people out there, you may have a very hard time believing some of the new age treatments out there.  In this blog – we not only focus on things and natural ways that you can relieve stress, but we also focus on your overall health and feel – and all of it is natural.

While some people are believed to be healers of the earth, a lot of the new age stuff is based on energy.  That is what Wave Therapy is all about –balancing and increasing how your natural energy flows – which in turn, will provide you with a better sense of feeling and overall, make you feel better.

Wave Therapy is a fantastic way to influence female hormones and can actually stop the pain and discomfort of periods as well as menopause.

Natural Remedies To Cure Those Hot Flashes!

black-cohosh-mWhen it comes to having hot flashes, I can not think of anything that is worse.  To be perfectly honest, I think that hot flashes are something that not only make every woman hate being a woman but are also the one thing that can make any person miserable.

When you are feeling a hot flash, you can feel everything from a rapid heartbeat all the way to dizziness and weakness.  Those are not things that you want to experience ever and did you know that there are natural ways that you can get rid of hot flashes?

Well, Black Cohash extract is just one ingredient that you can use in order to assist with your hot flashes.  Some other herbs include wild yam extract, sage extract and even chaste tree berry extract.  All of these are natural and fantastic!

Using Precious Gems To Help Heal You!

gemstones-big-450x337We all know that precious gems are something that many, many want to find in order to make jewelry out of – however, did you know that they can actually help with your stress as well.  Whenever your spirit is not in check, you can actually use precious gemstones to help with spiritual healing.

This is something that has been around for quite a while and was practiced by every culture from Chinese all the way to Indian.  The ancient beliefs are now actually used in a lot of modern crystal therapies and have been proven to work wonders on your body.

We all know that stress is something that can take over our life, but if you take care of it via spiritual healing via precious gemstones, I can promise you will feel better.

Mint Oil Is A Smooth, Flavored Healer That Helps With Stress! Part 2

mint-leaves-450x337Now that we have talked about some of the things that this particular oil can do – let’s go ahead and talk about the oil itself.  Did you know that mint; the essential oil actually contains a lot of high levels of menthol with antiseptic and anesthetic qualities.

This little thing can definitely help treat everything from a headaches, colds, coughs and muscular cramps.  Mint oil can actually really knock out some of those bacterial infections that you might be feeling and they can help your skin not break out – which can really stress you out.

Just drop some into hot water and put your feet inside and I swear, the sensation of you having really heavy legs will disappear almost instantly!

Mint Oil Is A Smooth, Flavored Healer That Helps With Stress!

mint_large1When you talk about aromatherapy, what is usually the first thing that comes to your mind?  For me – it is all about the candles, sitting down and just chilling out – however, did you know that there are actually some oils out there that are not just for smelling but can really help your overall health?  Mint oil is one of them.

This particular oil is actually extracted from the whole plant and it can be used to heal digestive problems and also menopause discomfort and headache nausea.  All of these things can be really, really stressful and what better way to relieve that stress than via mint oil?

In the next blog, we are going to talk about some other thing that this particular healer can help you with.  Stay tuned!

Being Social: It Can Help Relax You!

Have you ever noticed that when you are at your least stressed, you are usually socializing with your friends?  Well, I noticed that too and honestly, I think that is one of the secrets!  I think that the more you surround yourself with positive people, the better off you are going to be and that is why socializing is by far one of the best options whenever you are feeling really stressed out.

You should always make sure that you have a friend that you can count on and trust to pull you out of the depths and will truly make you feel better.  If you find that you have friends that are very negative, you might want to consider just how good of friends they really are.

Being positive is something that you can catch and if everyone around you is positive, I can promise you will feel a heck of a lot less stressed!

Using Aromatherapy To Sleep!

bod-mia-0006Whenever you think about being stressed out, it can all be tracked back to one thing; lack of sleep.  To be completely honest, most people in the world suffer from some type of insomnia and to me – it is a huge deal.  I know that if I do not get at least six hours of sleep, I am not going to be in the greatest mood.  I also know that I get more stressed out.

Did you know that there are many different natural treatments that you can use for insomnia?  For example, aromatherapy is something that has been used for centuries to treat insomnia and you can use it too!

Combinations such as sandalwood, ylang-ylang, neroli, chamomile and margoram are fantastic to use whenever you are having trouble sleeping.  Think about that the next time you are up too late and only get three hours of sleep!

How To Determine If Acupuncture Is The Weight Loss Solution For You!

ap_acupuncture1_070924_msSo you have gained some weight – it happens to everyone and there is no sense making a big huge fuss out of it.  However – if you can not lose the weight, that is something that can be extremely stressful.  Believe me, I know.  There are many different ways that you can lose weight, but you want to make sure that you do it as healthy as possible and that is why acupuncture is something that can help you!

There are many benefits to getting acupuncture done and weight loss is one of them.  However – you want to make sure that you ask the right questions to ensure that this method is going to be the best for you.  Firstly, you need to acknowledge that while many – many people have had success through acupuncture with their weight loss – it is not proven as is just a tool.

You also need to understand acupuncture in general – this is where research is going to come into play.  So make sure you do that before committing!

Coming Down With A Cold? Boost Up Your Immune System!

The weather is slowly but surely changing and do you know what that means?  Well – it means that a cold is right around the corner and catching a cold and getting sick is something that is so stressful that honestly … I do everything I can to prevent it.  The one thing that I hate about colds or trying to prevent them is that you have to take so many drugs – well, not anymore.  We are going to teach you some natural ways to boost up your immune system so you won’t have to worry about getting sick!

The first thing is taking Echinacea.  This is often used in combination with golden seal.  Golden seal can actually lower your blood sugar levels as well, so it should not be used if you have hypoglycemia.  Garlic is another popular choice when you are trying to ward off a cold, but it also is a natural antibiotic that can fight fungi.

Finally, elderberry is something that can prevent viruses from being able to reproduce in your body and it will certainly strength up your immune system.  These are just a few ways!