Stress: How to Relieve It! Part 2


All right folks, now that we have talked all about breathing, it is now time to move onto some other ways that you can relieve your stress and definitely keep those stress levels down.  We all know it is hard right now, with the way that the economy is right now and nothing on the news is good news and well, there are a few things in your personal life that can probably stress you out as well.  Communication is honestly one of the best forms of stress relieving.  Having a simple talk with one of your closest friends or family members can honestly work wonders!

Now we all know those excuses that people have for not talking to one another about their problems, but those are just excuses.  If you need someone to talk to, you should be able to do so and not sound like you are whining or complaining and if the person you talk to about the stresses in your life knows you really well, they will do all they can to comfort you.

However, if you do not feel comfortable talking to someone, that’s okay!  Sometimes writing it all down in your journal is a great release and will definitely help you get the word out there that there are stresses in your life!  So go ahead, start yourself a journal and start recording all of your thoughts down.  Heck, they even have online journals now if you feel more comfortable typing it all up!