Stress: How to Relieve It! Part 3


Do you remember when you were a kid, you would laugh at anything and everything?  Well, when you grow up, that probably is not true and you actually try to censor yourself.  Well, don’t!  It only causes more stress and honestly, a laugh once in a while can do nothing but help you!  Personally, I laugh all of the time and while I might not be stress-free I know that my stress levels are definitely lower when I just laugh it off!

Now of course, there are times to laugh and times that you shouldn’t, but you, as an adult should be able to judge when it is okay to laugh.  Just remember, don’t censor yourself anymore, let it all loose and you will definitely see a difference in not only your stress-levels but also your attitude overall!

Friends are definitely a great source to get you to laugh.  Not only do your friends know you better than anyone in most causes but they know what will cause you to laugh and honestly, isn’t it better to laugh with friends versus by yourself?