Coming Down With A Cold? Boost Up Your Immune System!

The weather is slowly but surely changing and do you know what that means?  Well – it means that a cold is right around the corner and catching a cold and getting sick is something that is so stressful that honestly … I do everything I can to prevent it.  The one thing that I hate about colds or trying to prevent them is that you have to take so many drugs – well, not anymore.  We are going to teach you some natural ways to boost up your immune system so you won’t have to worry about getting sick!

The first thing is taking Echinacea.  This is often used in combination with golden seal.  Golden seal can actually lower your blood sugar levels as well, so it should not be used if you have hypoglycemia.  Garlic is another popular choice when you are trying to ward off a cold, but it also is a natural antibiotic that can fight fungi.

Finally, elderberry is something that can prevent viruses from being able to reproduce in your body and it will certainly strength up your immune system.  These are just a few ways!