Experts say love is beneficial to your health


Is getting married better for your health? According to recent studies, married people get lower incidences of heart problems, lower rates of depression, lower potentials for diabetes, better sex life, easier access to healthcare, and so yes, married life is good for your health. Generally love makes life a lot better in terms of health among other aspect.

Life Span

Marriage gives one an average longer life span compared to not getting married. Longevity though favors men more, while the disparity in terms of rates of death among women are more modest. According to experts, you can attribute this to married people avoiding fatal accidents, surviving calamities, and violence better.


Men tend to be more stressed than women but studies show that marriage or romantic relationships help men respond better to stress compared to when they are single. Studies show that men have lower levels of cortisol handling stressful situations when they are romantically involved compared to single men.


Although a lot of people will say that their partner makes them crazy, partners actually tend to benefit the mental health. Women in particular showed lower occurrence of mental problems compared to their single counterparts.


Research also shows that married people can help prolong life because it lowers the risk of any serious disease like heart illness, diabetes, lung problems, Alzheimer’s, and other long-term health problems. The advantage seems to be equal for both women and men except for the occurrence of heart disease which favors men who has a lesser chance of having a fatal heart disease.


Men benefit a lot more hear as single men tend to lead more unhealthy lifestyles compared to married men. Singles are more likely to smoke, drink a lot, and have more vices.

Yoga Benefits To Keep You Stress-Free!

yoga1-450x321Yoga is something that everyone in the world can do … and something that is fantastic for whenever you are stressed out … or thinking too much about something.  Do you ever notice that whenever you are thinking about something or worried about something, you are super stressed?

Well, yoga is a fantastic way to clear your head and truly make sure that you are completely and totally stress-free.  Yoga has been practiced all over the world and I have to say that the stretching of the muscles combine with the breathing techniques is a great way to ensure that your mind stays clear.

You want to be stress-free?  Try yoga.  If you don’t like it, you can stop but at least try it!

The Benefits Of Dark Chocolate!

dark-chocolate-extr_797074fWhen it comes to your health, a lot of it has to do with what you eat and what you drink.  If you happen to eat a lot of fatty foods, most likely you are going to not feel at your greatest all of the time.  Did you know that you can still eat chocolate and it not become fattening?

Dark chocolate is one of those chocolates that has a ton of different benefits and to be quite frank, is actually extremely good for you.  Now, you can not overdo it of course, but if you have a little bit every day, you will see a difference.

Dark chocolate has a lot of antioxidants in there and to be honest, it is packed full of things that are healthy for you can will make you glow!

Wave Therapy Influences Feminine Hormones!

btl-5000swt_p-terapeutpatientunit_290x290If you are like many people out there, you may have a very hard time believing some of the new age treatments out there.  In this blog – we not only focus on things and natural ways that you can relieve stress, but we also focus on your overall health and feel – and all of it is natural.

While some people are believed to be healers of the earth, a lot of the new age stuff is based on energy.  That is what Wave Therapy is all about –balancing and increasing how your natural energy flows – which in turn, will provide you with a better sense of feeling and overall, make you feel better.

Wave Therapy is a fantastic way to influence female hormones and can actually stop the pain and discomfort of periods as well as menopause.

Using Precious Gems To Help Heal You!

gemstones-big-450x337We all know that precious gems are something that many, many want to find in order to make jewelry out of – however, did you know that they can actually help with your stress as well.  Whenever your spirit is not in check, you can actually use precious gemstones to help with spiritual healing.

This is something that has been around for quite a while and was practiced by every culture from Chinese all the way to Indian.  The ancient beliefs are now actually used in a lot of modern crystal therapies and have been proven to work wonders on your body.

We all know that stress is something that can take over our life, but if you take care of it via spiritual healing via precious gemstones, I can promise you will feel better.

How To Determine If Acupuncture Is The Weight Loss Solution For You!

ap_acupuncture1_070924_msSo you have gained some weight – it happens to everyone and there is no sense making a big huge fuss out of it.  However – if you can not lose the weight, that is something that can be extremely stressful.  Believe me, I know.  There are many different ways that you can lose weight, but you want to make sure that you do it as healthy as possible and that is why acupuncture is something that can help you!

There are many benefits to getting acupuncture done and weight loss is one of them.  However – you want to make sure that you ask the right questions to ensure that this method is going to be the best for you.  Firstly, you need to acknowledge that while many – many people have had success through acupuncture with their weight loss – it is not proven as is just a tool.

You also need to understand acupuncture in general – this is where research is going to come into play.  So make sure you do that before committing!

Using Music Therapy To Relieve Stress!


While most people do not associate music with any sort of therapy, it really is.  Think about it – whenever you are stressed out, what is the first thing that you usually do?  For me?  I turn my music onto a song I know is going to cheer me up or at least match what mood I am in.  Music therapy, while it might seem strange is a great way to relieve some of the stress that you might be feeling due to your job, home or even just life in general.

Music therapy can actually promote wellness, eases pain and actually helps with the expression of feelings, enhances a lot of memories and finally can truly improve your communication skills – which is something that a lot of people need right now.

Whenever you are feeling stressed out, just run yourself a bath, slip your iPod on and let the music just take you away to a place that is not stressful at all!

How To Lower Your Stress With Lavender!


If there is one thing that you should do when you are stressed out, it is going to be relax.  While there are many different ways to relax, one of the greatest herbs in the world to help you relax and wind down is going to be lavender.  There are many different ways that you can use lavender to your benefit and that is exactly what we are going to talk about now.

One of the greatest ways to use lavender is going to be via aromatherapy; however that is not the only way.  Did you know that there are many different bath products that use lavender so you can truly relax your body in the hot water with a scent that is calming?  Another way to use lavender is in your food – eating things with lavender in it is a fantastic way to ensure that you are going to calm down.

Lavender is something that so many people have used in the past and continue to use.  All around, it is a fantastic herb and can really help you in the long run.

Tips on How to Deal with a Difficult Boss


Some boss may want to do things at work in a very unorthodox manner. Some may be too judgmental. Some may just really be scatterbrained.

Working for very difficult employers drives the stress level of people way up the gauge. There are several ways to handle the situation:

Know Yourself More

It is very easy to pass the blame to our source of stress but some soul searching may also provide us with some answers. Examine the past if you were also in the same situation where your boss is just insane. Maybe the problem is coming from another place.

You have to make sure that the problem that brings about stress is really the person at work and not coming from somewhere deeper.

Manage Your Interactions

The key to a good boss-employee relationship is excellent communication. You have to let your boss know what works better for you and see if it fits in his system.

You can also see what you can learn from the boss. The person is running the company and there must be something good about him.